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Ruby on Rails Developer
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We are looking for Ruby on Rails developer to join international start-up with huge growth opportunities. We are a global 3D model marketplace operating in the rapidly evolving 3D industries like 3D printing and Virtual / Augmented reality. On CGTrader you will work on developing sophisticated and data driven platform with many features.

To be successful in this role you must

  • Write clean code and have a good knowledge of Ruby language
  • Be experienced in big scale Ruby On Rails projects
  • Have a good knowledge of OOP, SOLID, TDD, RSpec/Minitest, AWS and other magic words
  • Know difference between action, fragment and “russian doll” caching
  • Have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JS front-end frameworks
  • Have knowledge of long-term project maintenance (and how to do it right by eliminating bottlenecks)
  • Be able to propose optimization, code refactoring and overall system improvement strategies
  • Make sure you leave better code than you first started with
  • Be willing to attend conferences, meetups to network with other engineers and improve your skillset
  • Have meaningful contributions to Open Source (it would be considered as a huge plus)
  • Be responsible for your own code and decisions
  • Be proactive and self-motivated
  • Have positive attitude and be a good team player

What we offer

  • Challenging work in developing the global platform for community of designers and marketplace for 3D digital models used in VR, AR and 3D Printing
  • Data and user behaviour driven features (user retention, optimizing conversion, scaling and optimizing the product)
  • Cloud based render-farm pipeline for automated rendering and file conversion
  • Continuous integration, clean code oriented culture
  • RSpec and integration tests
  • Code reviews via Github pull requests based workflow
  • Integrations with 3D software and services (CAD software, 3D printing, VR/AR)
  • API for 3rd party services and partners
  • Open-minded policy towards technology related decisions and ideas
  • Ability to work on various fronts (payments, API development and integration, tool development for internal use)
  • A chance to learn and implement usage of Machine Learning algorithms and solutions
  • Support and encouragement towards experimentation and learning from mistakes
  • Flexible time hours
  • Competitive salary

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