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PPMI is an established European public policy research centre. Since 2001, we have successfully completed more than 300 applied policy research and advisory projects contributing to evidence-based public policies in Europe and beyond.
Our clients include EU institutions such as the European Commission and the European Parliament; EU decentralised agencies including Cedefop and Eurofound; and other EU bodies.
Our strong team of 50 in-house researchers deliver high-quality results, combining rich methodological expertise with in-depth knowledge of public policy and management. Our advice is grounded in broad expertise provided by an extensive network of trusted partners across Europe and other countries. The diversity of their national backgrounds enables us to conduct almost any geographic and linguistic assignment.
PPMI supports public sector organisations in tackling current public policy challenges and better fulfilling their public missions. We do this by performing policy, programme and organisational evaluations, as well as studies and impact assessments.

Functions in Lithuania:

  • Evaluation and policy analysis
  • Social science research
  • Impact assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Performance management
  • Education and training

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